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Educational Outreach Support for Faculty and Staff

The Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach supports faculty and staff educational outreach efforts by providing resources and consultation services for local, regional and national programs.

Caltech educational outreach encompasses a wide range of partnerships between our Institute and K-12 teachers, districts, and schools. Educational outreach efforts serve K-12 students by providing unique educational opportunities that broaden their experience with the sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and all fields represented at Caltech, and provide opportunities for Caltech faculty and students to share their passion and knowledge with younger students.

Grant Writing Support: educational outreach components of scientific grants and stand-alone proposals for K-12 educational programs

Connections: links between Caltech and K-12 schools and informal educational organizations

Outreach Coordinators Network: Network of Caltech staff, faculty, and students who are running educational outreach programs from their departments

Guidelines for Programs with Minors: resources for any Caltech program involving minors, on and off campus

Program Evaluation Support: resources for assessing educational outreach programs

NOTE: for questions regarding recruitment and retention of Caltech or university-level students, we kindly refer you to Caltech Admissions and Student Affairs, and would be happy to help you connect to the right individual(s) in those offices.