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Information for Parents and Teachers

Programs for K–12 Students

Innoworks Robotics Competition

Caltech's educational outreach efforts have consisted of ongoing contributions to K-12 science education and providing forums for active intellectual exchange and cultural exposure. From tutoring services and tours of the famous Seismological Lab to science curriculum materials used nationwide, Caltech's educational outreach programs support the classroom experience of students at all grade levels.

Programs for Middle and High School Students

Talking face-to-face with researchers is an excellent way for middle and high school students to learn about the life of a scientist. One-day programs highlight exciting research areas of interest to high school students and provide valuable information to students and their parents about the future in science and technology.

Participating in a summer research project is an even better way to learn about a researcher's road to scientific discovery. High school students from all backgrounds can participate in the programs described. And for middle school students and teachers from Los Angeles–area schools, Caltech co-hosts a robotics competition as an introduction to the world of scientific and engineering communication.